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Window Tinting: The difference Between Dyed and Ceramic Coating

By All American Detail on May 21, 2020 11:27:02 AM

Whether applied to the windows of your car or RV,  window tint can be an attractive and convenient way to improve the look and functionality of your vehicle.

Yet, there are several types of "tint" that can be applied and not all are equally effective in achieving the goals of the driver or car owner.

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All American: Now Offering High-Quality Hand Sanitizer

By All American Detail on May 5, 2020 2:09:14 PM

As a family owned business, we strive to support and help the local community of Acadiana, as well as other Louisiana communities.

As a sister company to All-American Detail, our mission is to meet the need for hand sanitation and cleaning products that are in short supply during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep reading to learn more about all of our American-Made sanitation products! 

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