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What is Industrial Coating?

Industrial Coating will dramatically lower the surface tension and extend the life on your equipment.

We use a breakthrough molecular coating system that permanently bonds to a wide array of industrial, marine, aircraft and many other surfaces, giving an unmatched level of protection from UV degradation and corrosion.


Protect your Investment

servicing your industrial needs

Let us add protection to your equipment without adding significant weight. Added protection yet still allowing your equipment to function the same, also without dreaded flaking or chipping.

Coating lasts 10+ years

We only use the BEST products that we have tested and found to be superior. Our coating will permanently bond to your equipment down into the micropores offering protection from UV and natural corrosion.





We offer Pick Up & Delivery

Equipment, Marine (boats, jet skis, ships), agriculture, Fleet Trucks (18-wheelers) and more!

We work on site across many states including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.


Pricing and Packages

Prices Vary per job and vehicle so call us at 337-940-3114!

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